RICS Homebuyer Survey Report
This is a full inspection of every accessible part of the property and the findings are summarised in a brief and concise report devised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It is an easy to read document with each section being given a colour-coded condition rating. A valuation is included within the report. This report is best suited to a modern house or one that is well maintained.

Building Survey Report
This is a full inspection of every accessible part of the property but the inspection is more detailed than the Homebuyer Survey. The report is a detailed and technical document suitable for all types of property regardless of age and condition. The report is written in a style that is formatted by Monaco Surveyors to make for easy reading by the client.

Building Defect Report
Should you have a single defect with your property that requires an inspection by a Chartered Surveyor, this report takes the format of a letter detailing the specific defect and advising on the best solution.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuations
Each residential property must be covered for the cost of reinstatement in the event of destruction or damage by fire. The reinstatement valuation ensures that your property has the correct cover in the event of this occurring. This is included within the RICS Homebuyer and Building Survey.

Expert Witness Report
This is a specific service covering different aspects of the surveying field and is tailored to the client’s needs.

Building Alterations and Refurbishment
We can offer advice on extensions and improvements to properties for refurbishment or alteration. However, this service is general advice and does not include floor plans.

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