Residential Property and Mortgage Valuation
Monaco Surveyors are on a large number of panels of the major lending institutions and are qualified to undertake bank and building society valuations for normal lending purposes. Instructions will usually come via the lending institution although we can undertake private valuations if required.

Probate Valuation
Probate valuations can be undertaken on behalf of an individual or an estate. We aim to maintain the highest professional standard during what is often a very sensitive time.

Commercial Valuations
We are experienced in the valuation of all types of Commercial Property and all instructions require a site visit. Following this, a report will be produced using the Red Book format. This is normally suitable for most lending institutions.

Housing Association and Local Authority Valuation
Whether you are selling or exchanging your housing association or local authority property, valuations can be provided to meet the specific requirements of the individual housing authority. An initial property inspection is required after which a report will be sent to the housing association and a copy will be made available to you.

Matrimonial Valuation
We are experienced in performing matrimonial valuations during which time we aim to offer discretion and sensitivity. An inspection of the property will always be required following which a formal letter report will be provided.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuations
Each residential property must be covered for the cost of reinstatement in the event of destruction or damage by fire. The reinstatement valuation ensures that your property has the correct cover in the event of this occurring. This is included within the RICS Homebuyer and Building Survey.

Land Valuation
We offer valuations on all different types of land including development sites, pasture and grazing land, farmland, woodland and individual building plots. All land measurements are recorded using the Promap system. Reports normally take the format of a Red Book valuation.

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